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LVDS wire harness with twisted pairs typically connect a flat panel display to its control board. Each flat panel and control board has a unique pinout and connector required to mate with it. Our engineers will work with you to design your custom cable, to determine the connectors needed, the pinout required to properly connect the components, and any other items that may be needed such as EMI protection and shielding and other requirements.

With all of the different LCD panel makers, board makers, Inverter and LED
Driver makers out there, the endless variety of components and peripherals
yield almost endless connector and pin mapping configurations. Our expertise
that has made us an industry pioneer is connecting all of these various devices together with quality products.

Our wire harness are all custom made to interface between your LCD and
Control/SBC or Embedded Mother Board. Shielding options available to meet
your exact needs.

wire harness.jpg

Standard Specification

UL1007 AWG#22 wire &
UL1571 AWG#28*27P, OD-0.6mm wire

Hirose, Molex & JAE compatible connector
Hirose, Molex & JAE compatible housing
Heating shrink tube ⌀4.0 L100mm ±5.0mm
Aluminum Magnesium braid 24*6/0.12mm

Acetate black cloth tape W25*L280± 2.0mm
Au ≥0.05㎛, Ni-Cu ≥0.5㎛

Conductive resistance 20Ω Max.
Voltage rating 300V DC
Insulation resistance 20Ω

wire harness.jpg
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