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Flexible Terminated Cable (FTC) is manufactured with Flexible Flat Cable (FFC) produced by laminating tinned copper conductors between layers of tough, flexible flame retardant UL VW-1 rated polyester insulators.

As it has advantages including highly flexible, light weigth, extremely thin
and suitable to fold. Thus, it is widly applicated on consumer electronics, automotive industry, medical equipment, office device and robotics.

Assembly Options


* Male to Male Solder Tab

* Male to Male Extra Long Solder Tab

* Female to Female

* Female to Male Short Solder Tab

* Female to Male Extra Long Solder Tab

* Female Locking to Male Long Solder Tab

* Female Locking to Female Locking

* Double Row Female to Female

* Double Row Locking Female to Double Row Locking Female

FTC 04.jpg

Standard Specification

UL Style No. AWM 2643 105°C 300V 
2 to 25 ways as standard number of conductors
0.10  ±0.01*1.27 ±0.03mm Tinned Copper

Nylon66 UL94V-0 Housing
Current rating 2A AV, DC
Voltage rating 250V AV, DC
Insulation resistance 1,000Ω Min.
Withstand voltage AC 800V/minute
Temperature range -25°C ~ +85°C

Phosphor Bronze terminal
Tin Plated
Tolerance ±0.1mm 

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